Altar dedicated to Saint Alexius

The altar dedicated to Saint Alexius is decorated with a panel illustrating his death. The high-relief scene is the work of Giovanni Francesco Rossi (1660-1663) but shows the narrative approach and classical composition typical of Alessandro Algardi, one of Rossi’s known collaborators.

The stucco ceiling is the work of Ercole Ferrata, and shows angels and cherubs with the symbols of Saint Alexius: a pilgrim’s staff, floral wreath and lily.

Based on research, the oil painting of Our Lady of Sorrows placed on the altar of St. Alexius appears to date back to a work by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (+1666) known as Il Guercino.

The subject of Our Lady of Sorrows was highly appreciated by Guercino, who made several copies himself and had many made by his pupils. Therefore, the work in question probably also comes from the Italian school of Guercino (17th century). The gilded frame is also from the same period.