The technical-scientific-pastoral committee for the restoration project

Committee members

The technical-scientific-pastoral committee responsible for the restoration project is composed of:

Honorary president: His eminence Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller (Past Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)

  1. His excellence Monsignor Paolo Schiavon
    Bishop Rector of the Church of Santa Agnese in Agone
  2. Giancarlo Abete
    Past President of the National Christian Union of Entrepreneurs and Directors (UCID)
  3. Diego Barbato
    President, Rome UCID
  4. Giuseppe Cornetto Bourlot
    Past president, UCID
  5. Francesco Rutelli
    Former Mayor or Rome, former Minister of Culture, President of ANICA and the “Priority Culture” Association, committed to protection and development of national heritage and archaeological and artistic masterpieces
  6. Claudio Strinati
    Art historian, Superintendent of City of Rome Museums from 1991 to 2009
  7. Paolo Portoghesi
    Architect and historian of Italian architecture; Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’; his important architectural works include the Central Mosques of Rome and Strasburg; his many publications include two texts on Borromini
  8. Luca Mazzola
    Research officer with the Italian Centre for Aerospace Research (CIRA), expert in materials science, President of the European Association of Materials Surfaces Science and Technology (EMASST)
  9. Maria Letizia Moretti
  10. Francesco Merloni
    Past-President, UCID
  11. Gabriella Marchetti
    Architect. Former superintendent of the Fine Arts of Rome Center
  12. Luigi Maniscalco
  13. Edoardo Marini