Concert season in the Borromini Sacristy

The concerts in the Borromini Sacristy are an important feature in the Rome musical scene, in part because of the location on one of the world’s most beautiful and visited piazzas.

As Stravinsky said: “The less the number of musicians, the less must be the distance between them and the public.” The sacristy by Borromini, one of the great jewels of the Baroque, offers an intimate space with excellent acoustics and a sense of full musical immersion.

The sacristy concert programme ranges from chamber music to Italian and Roman baroque works, lyric opera and the music of Vivaldi.


Telephone (rectory) : (+39) 06 6819 2134

Mobile phone (Letizia Moretti): 335 572 8719

Information is also available directly at the church, beginning one hour before the concert.