Restoration project for the Sant’Agnes in Agone crypt

The crypt is subject to severe deterioration due to rising damp, originating from uncontrollable groundwater. Moisture and humidity continue to damage the remaining wall and ceiling frescos.

Steps in the conservation-restoration plan:

  1. Documentary research concerning the frescos and their original techniques of execution;
  2. Diagnostic campaign, including graphic and analytical documentation of the original works and their condition; mapping of deterioration; examination and testing of flooring materials and subfloor structure;
  3. Chemical-physical analysis of the wall structures, fresco materials and stratigraphy;
  4. Pilot restoration project, including testing of potential reintegration of fresco losses;
  5. Update electrical and lighting systems; conduct a feasibility study concerning systems for air conditioning and control over rising damp.



Donations for restoration of the crypt

For further information or to offer professional or financial contributions for the restoration of Crypt, visit the website:
Activities of EMASST for the restoration of Crypt of Sant’Agnese in Agone in Rome