Concerts in the Church



The Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone is currently nearing the completion of a major restoration, returning Borromini’s original project to full Baroque splendour. This means that the church can resume its role as a gathering point for the entire city, including a full programme of cultural activities.

The Concerts in Church programme returns sacred music to the holy places for which it was composed, countering the trend towards its exile in concert halls. Our programme for the main church often features choral groups and visiting musicians.



  • Wednesday 5 December at 7:40 pm
  • Thursday 6 December at 7:40 pm
  • Friday 21 December at 7 pm
  • Sunday 23 December at 4 pm

Past Concerts in Church 

Tuesday 9 October, at 9 pm
The Woodland Chamber Singers

Tuesday 24 July, from 12.00 to 12:30
Cambridge Choir concert

Tuesday 17 July, at 5 pm
Isca Voices

Sunday 15 July, at 4:00 pm
Espirit Chamber Choir

Tuesday 10 July, at 4:30pm

King’s School Maccsfield Choir

Saturday 7 July, at 4:30 pm
New Zeland Westlake Choir

Tuesday 3 July, at 8 pm
St Thomas Gospel Choir e Standley Lake Singers

Tuesday 3 July, at 4:30 pm
Princeton Girl Choir Orchestra

Saturday 30 June, at 9 pm
Long Beach Polytecnic High School Choir

Wednesday 27 June, at 5 pm
North West Indiana Youth Symphony Choir and Orchestra

Sunday 24 June, at 4 pm
Betonville, High school choir

Saturday 23 June, at 4:30 pm
American Choir and String Orchestra Broadnech


Monday 18 June, at 6:30 pm
Swedish choir concert


Sunday 17 June, at 4:30 pm
Santa Agnese Choir (Coro Santa Agnese – End Season concert)

Friday 15 June, at 8:30 pm
Città di Roma choir

Monday 11 June, at 9 pm
Radio Classica in Concerto

Friday 8 June, at 9 pm 
Paloalto, High School Choir

Friday 8 June, at 4 pm 
Nerinx Hall HS Choir

Thursday 7 June, 9 pm 
Spivey Hall, Children Choir (Georgia, Usa)



Maggio InCANTO

Chorus Festival in S. Agnese in Agone
Sunday 6, 13, 20, 27 May , 2018

Poliphonic chorus in S. Agnese in Agone
(Artistic Director: Paolo Teodori)


Sunday 6 May 2018

  • 4.30 pm – Coro S. Agnese in piazza Navona (dir. Paolo Teodori).
    Musiche di Monteverdi, Lotti, Rheinberger, Giejlo e Teodori. 
  • 5 pm – Coro InCantus (dir. Riccardo Schioppia).
    Musiche di Palestrina, Stanford, Caraba, Nees, Schioppa, Liebau, Gerlitz e Arpaker. 


Sunday 13 May 2018

  • 4:30 pm – Coro giovanile Diapason (dir. Fabio De Angelis).
    Musiche di Monteverdi, Duruflè, Da Rold, di Marino, Sisask e Donati.
  • 5 pm – Coro giovanile Lavinium (dir. Fabrizio Vestri).
    Musiche di Anerio, Palestrina, De Victoria, Bettinelli, P
    ärt, Busto, Donati e Gjieilo.

Sunday 20 May 2018

  • 4:30 pm – Coro Iride (dir. Fabrizio Barchi). Musiche di Palestrina, Di Lasso, Anerio, Fernades, Debussy, Kodaly e Villette.
  • 5 pm – Coro Femminile Eos (dir. Fabrizio Barchi). Musiche di Sweelinck, Brahms, Broseghini, Barchi, Orban, Gyöngyösi e Gregoriane.

Sunday 27 May 2018

  • 4:30 pm – Coro S.Agnese a piazza Navona (dir. Paolo Teodori). Musiche di Bononcini, Teodori e Durante.
  • 5 pm – Coro Città di Roma (dir. Mauro Marchetti). Musiche di Taverner, Guerrero, Poulenc, Esenvalds, Palestrina e Part.

I cori si esibiranno nella Chiesa di S. Agnese in piazza Navona le domeniche di maggio 2018 alle ore 16.30, con un programma della durata approssimativa di 30 min.


Coro di Santa Agnese

Saturday 19 May, at 4 PM- Sidney Cathedral Choir

Saturday 19 May, at 11 am- Sir Wilfrid Group Secondary School Orchestra

Elizabeth Seton Choir Maryland (USA)

Elizabeth Seton Choir Maryland (USA)

“Sechrist – Rockford High School Touring Choir”

“Adlai E. Stevenson Hs Orchestra”

Adlai E. Stevenson Hs Orchestra

“Lisle Choir”

Lisle Choir

Coro “Emma Willard  School Choir”

Coro “William B. Murrah High School”

William B Murrah High School

Canta Diem Choir

Music by  O. Gjeilo, F. Schubert, J.S. Bach and more..


4:00 PM

Sunday 28 January 2018, 4:00 PM:
concert of Baroque Music,
by Ensemble Barocco Roma Sinfonietta.

Ensemble Roma Sinfonietta

  • Sunday 17 December2017
    Christmas Concert by Santa Agnese in Agone Choir


  • Christmas Concert by Santa Agnese in Agone Choir

Novena of Mary Immaculate 2017

Diocese of Rome Choir

Other Concerts

The River Chamber



Mauro Maur e Francoise de Clossey – Mission

Mauro Maur e Francoise de Clossey – Dolce Sentire